Saturday August 15th was the date of the late summer BBQ at the UKTC's Proving Ground at Peter Shaw's place in Sussex. The weather had been unsettled to say the least leading up the day which probably explains why members were a bit thin on the ground but those that came had a good day. Here's a few pictures from Johnny to see what went on.

Allan's 21st Century M5 Stuart at speed across the rough stuff! Big Dave's Firefly rears up over the long grass... ...and waits for it's next target. Garry's Tiger poses for the camera... ...while Paul's excellent Panther rolls into view.
Peter's Elefant takes stock while Big Dave's King Tiger's strange commander sizes up the opposition. A better view of Peter's Elefant holed up against a barn for cover. Mel and Dave create a bit of a traffic jam! Mel's Tiger rolls through a dip. Jim's Tamiya Leopard 2 basks in the sun.
Tamiya drivers roll their models across Peter's bridge. The bridge looks huge against the 1/16th scale models. Paul's Tamiya Sherman and Jim's Leopard pose for a picture. Paul makes a few last minute adjustments! A close up of Paul's Sherman. Take a look at the paint work, very nice. Hopefully just for effect, a new sign appeared at the Proving Ground!