Over the weekend of 7th and 8th June various members and models descended upon the Proving Ground for our early summer BBQ. The weather was a bit dubious on the Saturday morning but improved during the day and by the afternoon the sun was blazing. The models were run for most of the day without too much trouble and they stayed fairly clean as there was little mud to be found. Eventually the models were put to one side as the BBQ was lit up and bottles/tins of beer were opened and the rest of the evening was spent 'socialising'! Present were Jim Cusworth, Roger Nyman, Mark Spencer, Peter Shaw, John Holland, Alan Bates, Dave Norris, Paul Fenner, Howard Kalisch, Dave Brady and Stuart Humphrey. See below for some pictures to illustrate the day.

Peter overseas the unloading operation while Howard gives the orders. Jim and Alan's Tigers. See how clean Alan's is and Jim's isn't! Roger's fully loaded Tiger1. Mark's T-34 hiding amongst the long grass. Big Dave's Sherman Firefly rolls past Peter's new fortifications...
...and across his new bridge. Peter never ceases to amaze us! Alan explains the finer points of his Tiger to Dave. Just to prove a point that Humpy's Panther won't go everywhere here it is having to reverse out of its predicament! Paul's excellent (but too clean!) Tamiya King Tiger. Mark's King Tiger basks in the sun.
This picture compares the Tamiya King Tiger to one of Mark-1-Tank's 1/6th King Tigers! Jim's Tamiya King Tiger shows that it is just as capable as the larger models. 'I got it up here so...!' Mark negotiates our latest obstacle a steeper slope you probably won't find! Humpy's JagdPanther hides in the undergrowth waiting for some unsuspecting Allied tank to come along. And here it is, Howard's excellent JS2 with the phallic gun!
Humpy's models pose on one of Peter's bridges. Alan's finished Tiger. Alan said he's never made a model tank before, a superb first model! Humpy's Panther rears up over an obstacle. Just to prove that Jim does stand normally! And here's Jim's Tiger looking good in the sun.
Three Tigers manoeuvring around the course. After bulldozing its way through the undergrowth Humpy's Panther emerges covered in greenery! Again to prove that the Tamiya models can go anywhere their bigger brethren can go, Jim takes his King Tiger up the new steep slope. A close up of Peter's new trench system. Humpy tries to hide the Mazda van amongst the long grass.
It's time to crack open the beers and light up the BBQ! Howard stands with tongs at the ready. What a fine body of men. From left to right, Dave, Alan, Big Dave, Jim, Humpy, Howard, Mark, Peter, Johnny and Paul.