Over the weekend of June 19th and 20th, members of the club made the trip to the Southern Proving Ground to gather for the early summer BBQ. It was a smashing day although not overly warm but dry. Peter Shaw unveiled his new buildings and extended bridge while Mark Spencer brought his new SdKfz 251 halftrack along for some off road trials. Jameson supplied us with some superb BBQ food and Howard did the honours on the BBQ itself. There was a little rain in the evening but nothing to dampen the spirits and for those hardy souls a full breakfast Sunday morning. Thanks to Johnny for the pictures.


Looking towards the big bridge, the first of the new groups of buildings can be seen. Looking back towards the railway track area there are a few extra buildings... This group even has an enclosed  courtyard  on the end with an open garage block. Peter's even made some fences to help keep the tanks away from the buildings. These ruined buildings on the other side of the track even has wallpaper!
Bryan's Elefant receives a little attention... ...before going on a drive round. Garry's Tiger charges past the new buildings. Big Dave takes his King Tiger over the bridge. Alan's Tiger rolls along the track.
This is Kieran Spooner's scratchbuilt Cromwell in 1/6th scale. Similar to his father's (Ray) T34 in design it uses tracks made from bicycle chain and metal plates with a wooden hull. Peter brings his Elefant across from his car for a drive... ...and into the woods... ...for a photocall with Bryans Elefant.
Peter has extended the big bridge with a brick arched viaduct but with a big hole in it! This has some guides across it which make a bit of a challenge to drive over. Mark's new SdKfz 251 half track made a good impression with everybody. He attached a Pak40 for effect... ...and took it right round the off road course to prove a point! It has opening doors at the rear and plenty of room in the back for plenty of figures.
Not to be outdone Peter brought his Famo out for a run. Humpy's JagdPanther goes out for a proving run with the wireless CCTV activated. Can you see where the camera's located?   It had enough range to reach right up to the end of the proving ground. And here he is only too happy to show off the insides of the JP! Jameson's T34 runs rings round the Axis.
A German armoured column formed of two Tigers, two Elephants and a Panther. Allan Richard's Bandai Sturmgeshutze runs along in the rough... ...followed by his 21st Century M5. Robert brings his Panther back from a circuit around the Proving Ground. Nigel concentrates on driving his Panther.
  Just to prove the UKTC is not just about tanks here are a couple of wheeled vehicles.   Richard's IS152 waiting for some snow! And here's Richard's personal mascot, Honk Kong Phooey!