The Club was invited to the VE day celebrations at Chatham Historic Dockyard held over the weekend of May 7th and 8th. There were lots of wartime vehicles, display stands and of course the Veterans. The Royal Engineers were there in force based as they are just up the road at Brompton Barracks with a bridge layer and various vehicles an stands. It was a good weekend if a little chilly due to the North wind coming off the Medway. Thanks to Johnny for the pictures.

Here we are on the corner of a large paved area... ...with some of the models parked up behind our banner... ...overlooking the vehicle park and other stalls. As usual, Jim brought along his large collection of Dragon figures and dioramas... ...but it didn't go all his way as Chris brought along his excellent jeep.
Is Bryan ringing up Howard as it's been so long since he's driven any of his models? Surely not!!! One of the Engineers drives Bryans Elephant. The latest model in the SE Divisions arsenal is this Sturm Tiger of Johnny's (yes, don't faint!) ex of Pete Shaw, it has very low operating hours but high mileage as it is well travelled. Robin's loader struggles with an 88mm shell. Howard takes on Jim's King Tiger with his Leopard II.
Jim's King Tiger rolls past some bigger brethre. Humpy takes it easy and lets his JP do the work. There were a large range of military... ...civilian... ...and commercial vehicles.
This lovely fire engine positively gleamed in the sunshine. This huge US staff car dwarfed the English cars of the same era. This is an Austin K8 ambulance. There were various re-enactors at the celebration with these US troops encamped under the trees. As well as all the additional attractions, all the Dockyards exhibits were open to visitors including HMS Ocelot, the last ship to be built at Chatham..
HMS Gannet, the last sloop in the Royal Navy... ...and HMS Cavalier the last wartime Destroyer. As well as all the Naval exhibits, the Dockyard had a huge railway network some of which still exists and is used for demonstration trains such as this. On the Sunday morning a large parade was led by this band from the Duke of Yorks Royal Military School, Dover... ...and followed by various veterans proudly flying their standards...
...and a flypast from a couple of Spitfires to finish it all off. This chap is the original sleeping policeman! After lots of gesticulating it was decided that the Home Guard could do with being taught a lesson... ...after which they were good enough to let us help ourselves from their capacious stew pot! Johnny sits in Johnny's Sturm Tiger!