This year the show was held from the 16th to 20th July. As last year a huge logistical effort went into getting everything to site including three barbeques (four next year?) and vast amounts of food and drink. The members who were staying the week contributed to a kitty which went well and there was even a refund at the end of it all! Thanks to Mark Spencer for hosting the club, to Kath for the catering and to everyone who helped over the week. The pictures below are from Johnny and Howard and have been whittled down from 500 or so!

This picture sums up what the War and Peace Show, and any other for that matter, is all about. Showing the public what a superb hobby RC Tanks really is. Little Austin, Panzer Grenadier style! Start 'em young! The centre piece of Marks display was the 1/6th Maus. Whoever named it had a warped sense of humour! The tracks are so wide they almost meet in the middle.
An AAVP7A and a rare beast in the UK. A German chap brought this along for us to look at. Chris Leach's excellent 1/6th RC Jeep which entertained the crowds. Some of Gary Bailey's large collection of models. He could fill a stand on his own! Some models from Dave Pengelly and John Lyons. Jim's Dragon figures stand guard, but who's that with the Infra Red assault rifle?
As has become a bit of a tradition, the Dragon figures were posed in various compromising positions! These guys obviously have had a hard day! Don't mess with Elsa. Here we seem to have caught Hauptman Humpy and Elsa having relations! Just like the real thing though he won't put his frying pan down! I hope that is water in there!
The rarely seen and never photographed King Tiger of Johnny Holland! The next few pictures show some of the models of Peter Shaw who had his own stand. Some of Peter's models featured on Discovery Super Models. This 1/6th Famo uses a 1/8th Panther chassis as the tracked drive. Not quite to scale but a good compromise. When you have as many Dragon figures as Peter has, then you'd have to make a field kitchen to feed them all! Peter converted a King Tiger to make this 1/6th JagdTiger. He even extended the chassis. This model appeared on Ch5's Danger Incoming Attack program.
This is Peter's excellent Puma, originally a static model it has had a new chassis and drive train made and has been professionally painted. Unfortunately due to some damage the model couldn't run but I'm no doubt it will in future. Peter has a penchant for Tigers! He converted a standard Tiger into this Sturmtiger. In the morning the models that weren't involved in the Battle re-enactment went out for a drive around the trade stands. After a complaint from an official that all moving vehicles should be escorted, Humpy takes the p***!
The Maus leads the way (slowly) towards the Miller Arena. It certainly has presence, as it is such a huge model but just like the real thing is a bit of a handfull! On another day Chris's Tiger takes the lead. Pausing to allow the slower models to catch up before crossing the dirt road. And into the Miller Arena. The pyros got stronger as the show progressed.
By the end of the week some of the models were looking quite 'weathered' as you can see on the IS152 in this picture! On the Sunday it was decided to demolish the buildings. The Maus decided to destroy the church, not very PC! After the Battle the models regrouped for the next part of the display. CAR CRUSHING! John Fox's Panther makes short work of Barbie's Mustang Convertible! Howard's JS2 attempts to lift the remains of the truck up with its gun barrel.
John tries a different tact this time. After the display  the  models form up for the run back to the stand, the long way round. Tigers seem to be able to sniff out mud at any odds! Chris and Jim do the honours. Jim and Gary in fine form while Richard eagerly watches Howard cooking! "I told her not to put too much spaghetti in the pot" Blah, blah, blah!
Camouflaged against air attack, the HQ of the UKTC! The Mazda van sustained some damage one evening while repelling a determined attack! Real life Elsa's. I wonder if they have black lace topped stockings? Ooh er missus! Near the arena was this little cameo. You stumble across this kind of thing everywhere at Beltring. Pop Larkins truck from TV's Darling Buds Of May which was filmed in the area.
The Hop Farm has it's own collection of Military vehicles which includes this late model PzIV. And this Sherman Firefly. This display board shows the progress made by SdKfz Restorations with their JagdPanther. Not long now! Also on the SdKfz stand was this Kubel... and 88...
...and SchwimWagen... ...and this genuine SdKfz250. This unarmoured half track was there's as well. A very  nice rubber  tracked M3 half track. Not sure what mark this half track is but it was described as a baby Famo!
A Stuart light tank. This late model Sherman belongs to Kevin Wheatcroft. As does this M41 Walker Bulldog. I believe this is a post war Swiss built Hetzer converted to a wartime model. Very nice. Out in the main Arena we thought that the M60 had thrown a rod! It appears it can inject diesel into its exhaust to lay smoke.
A close up of the M60 as it tears down the back straight of the Arena... ...and past the crowd. This T-72 was very impressive leaving the M60 and Chieftain well behind. For a MBT it has a very low profile, a lot lower than the M60. A rarity indeed, a Challenger1 with Chobham armour? I don't think so!
Always a favourite with the crowds, the roaring Chieftain which makes a noise something like a dinosaur roar! Seen for the first time at Beltring was this mock up JagdPanther based on a T55 chassis. Together with the Stug, it was made for the  Band Of  Brothers TV series  and is quite a good representation. A close up of the wheels reveals the fibre glass wheel covers to make the T55 wheels look more like Panther wheels. The Stug was based on a lengthened FV432 chassis and again looks good.
Another view of the Stug showing the rear of the hull. The faithful Centurion ARV makes another appearance at Beltring. A Saracen armoured car hurtles around the Arena. Closely followed by a Jaguar engined Scorpion revving against the rev limiter giving that characteristic spluttering exhaust. A 432 limbering up to squash some cars.
And much to the crowds delight it runs over a Nissan! The Hop Farms own 432 makes short work of this car. Of course being German the Audi took more effort than a lesser car! Why on earth they took a side swipe at this caravan and didn't just drive through it I don't know! As is traditional at the end of the weekend a group photo was taken. What a fine bunch!
Mark's two girls provide the glamour whilst selling raffle tickets. At the end of the weekend Alex and Olga Shlakter drew the winning ticket for the Raffle. Bob Griffin won a Tamiya tank of his choice.