A Sqn.1RTR visit at Warminster. This all started off when Gary aka gkwchallenger and myself were after some information of RTR tank reg. no., call signs and so on, we were both on the web trying to find out anything we could on the subject when I came across the 1RTR forum and got in contact with Mike Kemble who runs the forum, he in turn past me on to WO2 Warren (Bren the man) Brennan, who is in charge of the training wing.

Bren was and still is a top bloke and came up with all the answers that we were after and asked if we were up for a visit to A Sqn. (were we). Christmas came again for Gary and me in January, as we got the grand tour of A Sqn., a go in Cpl. Mickey Hendersonís (another top bloke, who my be coming down to Marks do in June) gunnery simulator and a trip to Bovvy.

Then Bren asked if the club could come down to the open day at Warminster in aid of the Sqn. Charities that they support, not a lot of notice but with Gary doing the organizing during the week and me at week-ends the club came up trumps with a good turn out, and after meeting up at the services just outside Warminster we set off for Harman lines just 5 minutes away, but long enough to loose Mel?. One minute he was in the middle of our convoy and next he was at the back

After booking in at the gatehouse and getting our car passes, we had to wait a bit so they could get the tanks out of the tank hanger before we could get set up, but in no time at all we were in there and A Sqn. were taking a keen interest in all the clubs tanks and we were jumping in and out of all the A Sqn. vehicles and having a go in the gunnery simulator. Then the bridge layer came on the seen and gave a demonstration which every one was impressed with and at the end of the day Darren got to drop the bridge and Gary was in the commanderís hot seat and it was hot as well. We got the chance to buy name tags from the cqms as well as a framed drawing of a Chally that Cpl. Mickey Henderson did for the Sqn. At the end of the day Robert presented a large UK tank club membership card to A Sqn. which was received by Captain Potts and WO2 Brennan.

All in all I hope everyone enjoyed the day and that the friendship that has been started between the club and A Sqn. continue

Darren, Cloughie and Gary asking Cpl. Mickey Henderson If they can get a Chally in the back of a car! Now this is how you drive a tank. No, Gary you can not take it home with you! Robert, look out they found out what you said about modern armour. Just donít drop that lot on me foot!
The mine tape was there to stop Mel hitting it with his tank. Is there an easier way to get in and out without the steps? Put these in front of the models at shows, that will stop em touching them. Yer said yer wanted something to drive yer models over! Mobile ski ramp.
New knife edge coming up. Quick, get the models over it before he buggers off with it! "Daddy, how do I get out of this thing?" Now, now Mel donít scratch it. Those tracks look to clean!
Fill it up please! Proper tanks. Roberts Panther taking the lads to the bar! Ooooh nasty!!! Gary's Chally flying the RTR flag.
This is what we came to see... ...not more none brit stuff!!! What can one say? Superb tigger!!! Mel fed up cos they won't let him loose with his pyros!
Looks like a spy to me!!! Bob G and Garyís dad. Possum and Rob in there Sunday best. Light of pocket as well, but it was for charity! Mark Lawson beware!
  Cloughie trying out his 1/1 scale Chally!   WO2 Brennan and captain Potts receiving the UK Tank Club membership card
from some scruffy Yorkshireman!