Over the weekend of March 20th and 21st the UK Tank Club were invited to attend the Model Active 2004 exhibition at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. Due to the geographical nature of the event Robert Bruce kindly agreed to be the Club's representative for this show, thanks Robert. This was to be another new event for the Club and also Roberts first big event he'd organised so there was a lot of learning to be done! The show went off well and Robert was very pleased with the way it went. Thanks to him for the pictures and the (suggested!) captions.

Part of the UKTC display... ...and the rest! From left to right Nigel Allen's Armortek Tiger and Robert's T90 and Panther. A close up of the business end of Roberts T90. A better view of Nigel's Tiger... ... and a closer view of the turret and crew.
Roberts Panther in close up. Nigel, Mel Barnes and Robert standing guard over the models. Also on display was a collection of models from the Modelworks range including this completed Tiger... ..and this half built example. Also on their display was the rarely seen Panther.
I wasn't aware that this had been released as I believe previously everyone wanted Tigers and the Panther was ignored. Seen on one of the many boat club stands were these tank models. It would suggest that some boat owners have a secret hankering for RC Tanks! Who can blame them! A large scale (1/6th?) Lysander, famous for it's Army Co-Operation role i.e. picking up and dropping off secret agents in enemy occupied France in WW2. Some lovely model ships including in the background Brunel's SS Great Britain, the first large screw driven steam ship. A miscellany of smaller models on this stand.
The Daventry Model Tank Club's battlefield for Tamiya models. These guys were impressed with the UKTC exhibits and are keen to join the Club. This has prompted some discussion about a similar thing for the UKTC. Watch this space. Mel Barnes Tamiya King Tiger looking for some poor unsuspecting soul to drive past in a Sherman... ...and here he is! Mel's Sherman falls into the King Tigers trap. But wait a minute... ...here's his Pershing to finish off the King Tiger! Mel has quite a collection.
Ben Johnson's virginal Tamiya King Tiger receives some attention to solve a few teething troubles. These are some of the Daventry Tank Clubs models complete with Tamiya Battle Systems.. Also equipped with a Battle System is this Pershing also belonging to the DTC. Nigel busy explaining something to Mel while visitors admire the UKTC display behind them. No this isn't a mistake, it's Roberts T90 in the dark with it's lights on!
An occupational hazard when working on model tanks!!!