Wings and Wheels was held this year over the weekend of 28th and 29th June at North Weald airfield in Essex. This mainly RC Flying show also has boats cars and us! As such there was some restrictions on frequencies so some of the models got little or no running but it didn't spoil the weekend. We did a display next to the model runway twice a day and then ran a little at lunchtime. The weather was superb all weekend although the forecast was bad! The 'UK Tank Club BBQ' was put to good use on the Saturday evening which went down well after a day driving and answering a million and one questions. There were quite a bunch present, Martyn Lea, John Holland, Richard Field, Stuart Humphrey, Jim Cusworth, Garry Coomber, Howard Kalisch, Alan Bates, Mark Spencer and Dave Norris. Below are a few pictures to illustrate the weekend.

Just for a change Mark decided to pitch his main tent at 90degrees to the main thoroughfare.

The models which were doing all the running were left on the ground which saves a lot of messing about lifting.

After there brief appearance on Ch5 the weekend before Joker Jim decided to make up some suitable placards!

At the back of the stand were the Tamiya models where we could keep an eye on them.

Looking from the left its clear to see that there were plenty of models there that weekend.

This excellent model caught our eye. You could have easily mistaken it for the real thing.

At the end of the show it was dismantled and placed in its own custom built trailer. The owners car registration 'B17 SAC'!

Just to prove how big these models really are here's a comparison with a willing helper!

The B17 and B24 both have a wingspan of approx 20 feet, that's a big model by anybody's standards. 

Unfortunately we didn't see this Dornier fly, which would have been interesting as it had the correct two engines.

This model did fly though and very nice it looked too. With the bigger models come bigger engines and so they sound a lot better than their high revving smaller brethren!

Over in the boating lake various models were put through there paces. I wouldn't know where to start describing this model but even I can see there's a lot of work gone into it.

I'm not sure what scale this DUKW was but it's a novelty seeing it in the water.

I think this is what my wife turns into once a month!!! No, I stand corrected it's only Nessie!

Mark's Sarah brought her monkey bike along together with their new trailer which was put to good use bringing Alan's Tiger in from the car park Saturday morning! 

Here we see Richard, Mark and Big Dave discussing frequencies prior to going out on a display.

I'm still impressed when a group of models are running together Howard's JS2 does it's bit for the environment!

Martyn brings his T34 into formation while Big Dave drives his King Tiger out from the stand.

It would appear that the public are fairly impressed with the tanks as well. We always seem to draw a crowd.

Once onto the flight line we had a few minutes to go over the battle plan.

And then it was time to go for it! What a fine body of men.

After a demonstration Garry brings his 'Kelly's Heroes' Tiger back to the stand.

And Jim brings his Tiger back together with some groovy Sandals!!!

Mark persuaded Garry to bring his car around to the front of the stand so that he could tow it with his Tiger.

Jim enthrals the crowds with his Tamiya King Tamiya.

The Russians line up to give the   Germans a beating!

Temporary friends, Mark's Tiger and Howard's JS 2.

Either that rubbish bin is brandishing a 122mm main gun or there's a JS 2 hiding  behind there!

Martyn's T34. I wonder what the writing says?

I'm sure these figures come alive when we're not looking! Who let him up there?

Now the Firefly crew get there own back.

Nurse Elsa attends to a wounded soldier with a somewhat over scale syringe!

Hauptman Humpy seems to have gained a beer bottle top crown and a rather large sausage!

Humpy and Howard try out Mark's new trailer for size.

A close up of Garry's 'Kelly's Heroes' Tiger1.




Complete with a Donald Sutherland 'Oddball' figure!

A line up of some of the guys that were there. From left to right Johnny, Howard, Garry, Dave, kneeling Humpy, Alan, Richard, Jim and that rather laid back character is Mark Spencer!