Held on the last weekend of June every year, this year the week leading up to the show was unbearably hot but the show weekend was quite cool fortunately. At least it was dry. Friday night we suffered a thunderstorm which was fun in a marquee! This year we were at the opposite end of the display line, near the public entrance which meant we had plenty of interest in the tanks and our displays. We had to pay for the privilege of attending the show but I think after the display we put on we should be able to come to a better arrangement next year. We shall see. Thanks to Ann Fox for the photos.

What a line up! We had a great range of models at the show... ...which made for a great display. Jim had various dioramas on display... ...including his latest model, a Kettenkrad.
The great thing about the tanks is that you can get amongst the people and so they can appreciate them for what they are. Dave's Firefly did actually do quite a bit of running over the weekend. Garry's Tiger goes out for a run (take the gun cover off before firing the gun Garry!). Howard's T34 amazes a little one. Robin's Tiger complete with a full complement of nodding dollys!
Johnny's Sturmtiger confuses the crowds ("Surely the gun barrel's missing Mr?") Dave's King Tiger deafens the public. This was Mick's first outing with his Tiger and his first show with the UKTC. He was keen to do it all again! Humpy takes his JP out for some tank surfing... ...and The Italian Job.
Just to prove a point Richard hopped on for a ride which was great until... ...whoops! The towing cable gave way!!! Humpy's twins start to crush cars by using teamwork. The Panther stands back and watches while the JP goes for it! Is this the battle of belly's!
  Once again Mr Cusworth's wicked sense of humour came out Wings and Wheels...   ...with a 1/6th scale wheel clamp for an inconsiderably parked Tiger!