This year the Winter Meet was held on Saturday 28th December which although started quite bright ended quite wet! After our digging day back in November, the course is still fairly well defined. The lumps and bumps are still sharp and deep! Although we have had some rain recently the course wasn't too bad but one or two dips had standing water in them to make things more interesting. Click on the thumbnails for the full size pictures

Garry carefully unloads his Tiger taking care not to scratch his new car! Alan's Tiger waiting to be driven down to the course after being unloaded. Jim's award winning Tiger takes it easy basking in the glow of fame! The two Tigers in Jims life. Alan trying his hardest to persuade his Dad to buy a model.
Alan's Tiger leads Garry's through the course. Easy does it, up and over the ramps. Closely followed by Garry's Tiger. Easy innit? Alan and Garry's Tigers form up for a run along the grass. An aerial shot of Garry's Tiger complete with Tank Cam in front of the Tank Commander.
Howard's happy again now he's a fiddlin' with someone's tank! Howard's JS2 complete with mud in the muzzle of the gun. The camera has trouble focusing on the muzzle as the barrel is so long the muzzle is in a different Time Zone!!! The JS2 surges through the water splash under Humpy's Panther. As if by magic, Peter produced some digging implements and Humpy was roped in to reprofile the exit of the water splash. Humpy's Panther rearing up over one of the obstacles.
Anywhere a JS2 can go, a Panther can go too. Jameson digs out half a ton of accumulated mud and muck! And anywhere the bigger models can go, Jim is only to happy to prove that his Tamiya models will go as well. The second time it went through, however it got stuck in the mire and had to be rescued. If only rescuing the real thing was so easy! Peter's early Tiger 1 with the Dyson, I mean Fieffel, air filters!
Dave  Brady's  immaculately  clean Tiger, not for long. Garry and Jim's Tigers  defend  the trenches. Humpy's Panther gingerly edging up the ramp... ...oops! After that he decided to hang up his transmitter and have a cup of soup!