"With the country in the middle of several severe weather warnings, the show was in the balance, fortunately these warning came to nowt J. Once again a splendid turnout of the UKTC “South West Light of Foot” and me J. The show was very busy as always. We also met up with the 1/6th Collectors Club, and reposed some of their action figures for them. Also attending were  Gill and Mark of Armortek and Lee Sellars of Newthorpe 1/6th Models, it’s nice to see some 1/6th suppliers getting out their to increase our membership J. We had time to chat with the Yeovilton marketing team, and addressed the possible uplift in passes, and maybe trying out the Swordfish Centre instead of the WWI hall, at the next show. At this show you will be glad to hear I wasn’t busted for driving my tank unescorted, mind you they never caught me, so the club is in good standing as always with the show organisers, so roll on October."
Words and pictures from Robert Bruce.

My Mark II tanks Kubel, and one of Dave’s Zundapp. Another one of Dave's Zundapp, Kettenkrad, and is is Charlie Chaplin on the loo? (can’t quite make it out!) Ade’s Sherman diorama on the 1/6th Collectors Club, very popular with the punters. My Panther with Michael Wittmann looking on in envy J A modern piece again on the 1/6th Collectors Club.
Allan Webster’s, Jihadists diorama. Just to prove we are not tank obsessedJ Dave’s 1/8th all metal Sherman. Can’t quite put my finger on that one, now were have I seen that one before! A clue to our special guest.
We are not alone! Allan’s Firefly, it was a little out numbered by the axis today. A 1/9th Abrams,I believe 21st Century (please feel free to correct me). My son’s 1/16th scale Hen Long Walker Bulldog, with a Mark Lawson weathering job. Marc Fords Armortek Tiger finally running, and not pinkJ
Little Barry’s Tiger looking good. Tanks everywhere, 1/15th scale on a static model stand, could these scales be finally being taken seriously. One of our mystery guests later projects. Outstanding, this really appealed. How about this then?
Some planes for HumpyJ An F105 Thundercheif diorama. A Hornby Dublo three rail model railway. Does anyone remember our mystery guess? Ade and Kerry of the 1/6th Collectors Club (rare picture, Ade on his stand)
Allan on the 1/6th Collectors Club. The South West tankers out in the cold, brrrrr! Here’s Gareth the South West Light of Foot mascot hehehehe J Mr Chairman, his glamorous assistant and their flagJ Get off m land (noise of shotgun being cocked)!