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These models all belong to members of the club. They range in scales from 1/15 right up to 1/1 scale! Some are standard models as the manufacturer intended but most are modified by their owners to represent a particular version or period. If you would like your model featured on here e-mail the webmaster and he will post it on this page. The only prerequisite is that you are a member of the UK Tank Club.

Dave Pengelly's 1/8th scale late model Panther G, highly modified from the standard model.

This 1/8th JagdPanther is also Dave's and is also highly modified. You can see both his models and others on

Howard Kalisch's 1/8th T-34. Standard ish on the outside but very clever on the inside!

One of the most reliable models in the Club is this 1/6th Tiger 1 of Jim Cusworth's.

Also Jim's is this smoking Tamiya King Tiger. Read the Smoking Tamiya's article on this website to find out how he did it.

Another of Jim's Tamiya models is this Pershing. No smoke-yet!

Yet another of Jim's models is this Tamiya Tiger 1 set in it's own diorama. This model smokes!

Chris Leech's highly modified Panther complete with working (illuminated that is!) Infra Red gear. This model is a command tank with a veritable aerial farm on the rear engine deck! This model has now changed hands and is owned by Mel Barnes.

Another of Chris's custom built models is this SdKfz 251/17 mounting a 20mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on a modified rear deck. Also changed hands, now owned by Ann Fox.

This 1/6th SdKfz 222 was built by Chris from scratch using a chassis from an RC car. Click on the pic to see some more of this model.

And some of Chris's Bandai 1/15th scale models undergoing conversion.

David Sheldon's Sherman flail tank in action demonstrating it's mine clearing ability!

Mark Spencer's 1/6th Tiger 1. Mark (of Mark-1-Tanks) could fill this page with pictures of his models but I think this is his favourite.

Another Tamiya Pershing this time of Gary Bailey.

Gary has a large collection of Tamiya 1/16th models including this Tiger 1.

Most of Gary's models have unique paint schemes such as this Tamiya Sherman.

An unusual model these days is the Tamiya Gepard. More prolific in the past now becoming quite rare.

Last in this series of Gary's models is this Tamiya Leopard. If you'd like to see more of Gary's models click here to got to his own page.

Here we see Peter Shaw's 1/6th Panther pretending to be a submarine!

Peter is a prolific modeller and has produced some unusual models. He converted this 1/6th SturmTiger from a Tiger-just like the real thing.

Likewise this 1/6th JagdTiger was constructed using a modified King Tiger chassis-again just like the real thing.

Here we see Alex Shlakhter drooling over one of Peter's 1/4 scale models. This is scratch built from wood with metal tracks. Unfortunately it is only a static model but Alex was head to be muttering 'This will be my next model....'!

Peter has appeared on the Discovery Channel's Supermodels Program and when you realise this SdKfz 250 is a wooden model you realise why! He also has a 1/1 Panzer II Luchs and 1/2 Tiger!

Andy Warwick's Red 5 Tiger 1.

Garry Coomber's Tamiya Tiger. Garry also has a 1/8th Panther which is undergoing refurbishment. No doubt a picture of that will grace these pages when finished.

Garry has been into RC models for some time. This is an example of his other work, a long thin tank and is driven by a propeller!

Humpy's highly detailed 1/6th JagdPanther 'Bryan The Bastard' rests by the lake at Laughton.

Humpy's 1/6th Panther 'Freya' was bought second hand with a mind for use as a project!!

Robert Bruce's Tamiya Tiger relaxing in the garden!

This is Kent Wiik's 1/8th Panther.

Although not actually a Member of the Club (Kent hails from Sweden!) he is with us in Spirit!

Mick Regan's Tiger with crew on parade...

...and his Jagdtiger, a huge model!

Robert Bruce's French Tamiya Sherman which debuted at the Horndean show.

Nigel Stock's 1/8th Panther with Zimmerit and spots!

Peter Couldwell's Panther now resplendent in three colour camouflage and spots!

Big Dave's 1/6th Sherman Firefly without spots but with some strange markings.

Dave's 1/6th King Tiger. No Zimmerit but loads of spots!!!

Howard's 1/6th JS2 with very good rough casting detail.

Richard Field's 1/8th T-34 showing that it's not scared of a bit of water!

Click on the above picture for some of Bulldogs models.

Greg Wicks Tamiya Tiger climbing the bank at Fort Nelson.

John Fox's 1/6th Panther. Far more exclusive than all those Tigers!

Johnny's rarely seen Tamiya King Tiger. It's crying out for spots!

Bryan Brown's moody looking King Tiger.

Click on this picture for some of Ian Hink's models.

Click on this picture for some pictures of Lyndon Whittaker's models.

Click on the picture above to have a look at some of Mark Lawson's models.

Alan Bate's 1/6th Tiger1. This is Alan's first military model!

Garry Coomber's 1/8th Panther rolling downhill towards the proving ground.

Robert Bruce's 1/8th T80, a real speed machine.

Martin Payne's Berge Panther conversion although strictly not accurate allows Martin to convert his model back to a gun tank when he wishes so giving him two models in one!

And this is what it looks like as a gun tank.

Bryan Brown's lovely cluttered Sherman Firefly.

 Robin Ellis's Armortek Tiger on a hydraulic lifting platform.
This is Chalkey and his team from Australia's scratchbuilt King Tiger using a Tamiya King Tiger to scale up from! Nigel Allen's nicely painted Armortek tiger. Ashley Elliot's M5 Stuart on the beach at Normandy in 2004 during the 60 year anniversary celebrations. Dave Dibb's excellent highly modified 21st Century M5 Stuart. Click here to go straight to his website. And just as a novelty Dave has created a T8E1 Recon variant as well!
Tony Long's well weathered Sherman with lots of extra detailing. Kieran and Ray Spooner's scratch built Cromwell. Click here to go straight to their website. Gabriel Wong's very nice (and very large!) quarter scale King Tiger. Click on this thumbnail to see some pictures of Bryan Brown's new Elefant.  

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