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Events Dates page updated for 2012 27/12/11. Please note, this is not definitive!! If in doubt please ask or check the Forum for up to date information. Not all events are confirmed and not all events have a club co-ordinator, if you think you can help please get in touch.

Links page updated, spent links removed and remaining checked/modified. 27/12/11

Events Dates page updated for 2011's events. 14/01/11

A page of pics for Brighton 2010. 19/02/10

Eventually some pictures of the Cambridge weekend back in March! 20/05/08

Some more pictures of the Brighton weekend. 27/02/08

The final update in the article of James's Abrams conversion (sorry it took so long James :-( ). 27/02/08

Some pictures of last weekends Trucks and Tracks show and the weekend before Brighton Model World. 26/02/08

A new list of dates on the Events, Dates page. Not conclusive at this stage but a rough guide! 23/10/07

The pictures from last weekends Duxford visit can be found here. 21/06/07

After our little absence (the UKTC server was down for a week or two due to a burst water tank!) I've posted some pictures of our UKTC BBQ back at the beginning of June. 21/06/07

The latest Lambourne show pictures are now on the website. 16/05/07

More words and pictures from Robert, this time from the Heart of England Show 1/6th scale event. 15/04/07

The Raunds show is here with words and pictures from Robert Bruce. 15/04/07

Some pictures from Robert Bruce and captions from Cloughie from the recent visit to A Squadron 1RTR at Warminster. 4/3/07

A page of pictures from this last weekends Tracks and Trucks show. 26/02/07

This update is for the Yeovilton show held last weekend. Words and pictures from Robert again. 13/02/07

Some pictures from the President, Robert Bruce's pictures and captions from the recent Stoneleigh Militaria show.

Pictures from the recent Ally Pally show can be found here. 23/01/07

2007 event dates added plus or minus a few! 30/11/06

Pictures from the Welsh Action Figure Show at Chepstow here. 31/10/06

James has been busy with his 1/12th Abrams, click here to see the latest on this ongoing project. 02/10/06

Some pictures from the most recent Mark-1-Tank Open Day. 14/08/06

Lots of pictures from the very successful Duxford show. 20/06/06

Pictures from the latest meeting at Rufford Park can be found here. 31/05/06

Pictures from this years Lambourn show here. 08/05/06

Finally I've posted the Ascot pictures here. 28/04/06

Some pictures from the recent indoor meet in Northants. 04/04/06

A few pictures of Lyndon Whittaker's models on the members models page. 21/03/06

Pictures from the recent London Model Engineering show held at Alexander Palace. 29/01/06

A page of pictures from the indoor event of our Northern members here. 09/01/06

Some new 2006 dates on the Events, Dates page. 23/11/05

At last, the pictures you've all been waiting to see, the South West Model Expo 2005 pics here. 11/10/05

Euromilitaire pictures here. 26/09/05

Laughton Country Fair picture page here. 19/09/05

A page of pictures added for Military Odyssey and the captions added to the Sellindge page. 01/09/05

Some pictures added for the Sellindge and Blenheim Palace shows at the beginning of this month. 18/08/05

A link added to Kieren Spooner's Model Register. 10/08/05

Some more work done on James's 1/12th Abrams conversion project. 16/07/05

Wings and Wheels 05 pictures here. 02/07/05

The latest Mark-1-Tank open day pictures here. 08/06/05

Pictures from the VE Day Celebrations held at Chatham Historic Dockyard. 16/05/05

Hot off the press, pictures from the Lambourn Spring Working here. 01/05/05

Pictures from the Ascot at Windsor show. 29/04/05

A new members project from James Smith of how he converted his 1/12th Abrams. 14/04/05

The latest Mark-1-Tank open day pictures here. 13/04/05

Pictures from the Model Active 05 show at the weekend. 4/4/05

Pictures from the Easter meet here. 31/03/05

A new ongoing Members Project where Martin Payne show's how he's making a BergePanther. 02/03/05

Pictures from Brighton Model World here. 26/02/05

Pictures from the Yeovilton show here. 26/02/05

A new Project added to the Members Projects page, this time an interesting article from Allan Richards on how he modified a static Toystar 1/16th scale T-34 into a full Radio Controlled model. 09/02/05

A few pictures from the M1T Open day in January. 02/02/05

The sales and wants page has been removed in favour of the Sales and Wants section of our UK Tank Talk forum which allows the user to post their own adverts/wants including pictures and Links. Click here to take you to the UK Tank Talk forum. 07/01/05

Pictures from the recent Wintermeet here. 01/01/05

Some picture from the latest Militaria Fair added to the Chatham page. 01/01/05

More dates for 2005 not all confirmed at this time. 01/01/05

Some new dates for late this year and early next year. 08/11/04

Pictures from the Mark-1-Tank UKTC day here. 08/11/04

Euro Militaire pictures added today. 29/09/04

Bovington South West Model Expo pictures added. 28/09/04

Mark Spencer's Battle Day pictures added today. 26/08/04

Late Summer UKTC BBQ pictures here. 26/08/04

War and Peace Show pictures added.

BBQ weekend pictures added. 21/06/04

Laughton, Cuckoo Spring Fayre pictures added. 08/06/04

Bovington Tankfest pictures added. 25/05/04

Lambourn show pictures added. 24/05/04

Some extra pictures on the Members Models page. 20/05/04

Additional pictures added to the Chatham page. 12/05/04

Pictures from the Mark-1-Tank Digging Day are here. 05/05/04

Some pictures from the recent Ascot show here. 28/04/04

A page of pictures from the recent Easter Meet at the Southern Proving Ground. 15/04/04

Some pictures taken from the recent Model Expo 2004 show at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. 01/04/04

Finally, some pics for the Tracks and Trucks  show. 01/04/04

A page of pictures added today from the Winter Meet 2003. 27/12/03

Some pictures from Mark Spencer's open day back in November. 25/12/03

Some important news about a South West Proving Ground here. 23/11/03

A page of pictures from the Modellers Loft open day and a few from the Chatham Militaria fair. 17/11/03

A couple of new pictures on the Members Models page, this time Bryan Brown's Sherman Firefly and Dave Griffith's Armortek Tiger. 17/11/03

Some pictures from the running day at the Rufford Northern Proving Ground. 12/11/03

A few more dates added to the events page. 17/10/03

Finally, the Bovington page added. 17/10/03

Some pictures of the Euro Militaire show held at Folkestone. 1/10/03

A page of pictures for the Military Odyssey show. 19/09/03

A page of pictures for the latest BBQ. 24/08/03

A page of pictures added for the Fort Nelson show. 13/08/03

A few more models on the Members Models page. 12/08/03

A new event, Tilbury Fort Vehicle Rally on the events page. 11/08/03

A page of pictures for the Lyneham show. 25/07/03

A page of pictures for the War and Peace Show. 25/07/03

A page of pictures for the Wings and Wheels Spectacular. 02/07/03

A page of pictures for the Crealy show. 02/07/03

June BBQ pictures added to the UKTC BBQ pages. 11/06/03

A page within the Sales and Wants page for Dave Griffiths 1/6th detailing parts. 03/06/03

A page of pictures from the Horndean show. 28/05/03

Some new pictures on the Members Models page. 28/05/03

A page of pictures taken at the Ascot show recently. 29/04/03

An extra picture added to Jim Cusworth's Smoking Tiger article showing the method of installation in a Tamiya Tiger 1. 29/04/03

A page of pictures added from the Easter meet at the proving ground. 25/04/03

Some pictures from the  Paignton show page added. 21/04/03

Tank Thrash at Bovington Saturday 5th April added to the Bovington events page. 7/04/03

A new page added for Bob Griffins Chieftain project. 18/03/03

Some more pictures added to the Members Models page. 18/03/03

Some pictures from the show held at Yeovilton. 25/02/03

A few pictures taken at the Model Bring and Buy Sale at Woolsery, North Devon. 18/02/03

Some new dates for your diary on the Events Page. 19/01/03

A page of pictures added for the Winter meet at the proving Ground. 31/12/02

Another new page added for Members Models. 6/12/02

A new page added for Members Projects incorporating Jim 'The Smoke' Cusworth's article on how to fit smoke to Tamiya's 1/16th Tiger 1 and King Tiger models. 6/12/02

A new advert on the Sales and Wants page. 15/11/02

A new link added to the Marui Tank Group on Yahoo Groups. 15/11/02

Basically the whole site is new as of the beginning of October 2003. Have a look at this page in future as all updates/additions will be listed here with links to the appropriate pages. 9/10/02

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